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Community Activists Urge More Asians to Enroll in DACA

Only one-quarter of Korean youth and a similar portion of Filipino youth eligible for DACA have applied.
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Media Matters to Combat Conservative Misinformation Targeting Hispanics

Bilingual experts are launching a project to combat distortions and stereotypes of Hispanics in the media.
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Many Central Valley Farms to Receive No Water from Federal Gov’t This Year Due to Drought

As California enters what is likely its fourth straight year of drought, hundreds of farmers in the Central Valley were told on Friday, Feb. 27, they will receive zero water deliveries from the Central Valley Project, the state’s largest water delivery system.
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Truck Driver Charged with Manslaughter for Killing LAPD Officer in Crash

The driver of a big rig truck that struck and killed an LAPD officer last year in Beverly Hills has been charged with gross vehicular manslaughter, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.
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‘The Drop Box’ to Screen in Select Theaters Nationwide March 3-5

For just three nights, “The Drop Box” will be available to watch in select theaters nationwide through Pine Creek Entertainment in association with Focus on the Family, Kindred Image and Fathom Events.
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The Walking Fed: Six Taste Food Tour in Downtown LA

Having conducted hundreds of tours in the area, Six Taste has an inside track on what's cooking downtown.
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Ruling Knocks Down Challenge to 2012 L.A. Redistricting

Just one week before the Los Angeles City Council primary races this coming Tuesday, a federal judge in California ruled against a group of Koreatown residents who challenged the city’s redrawn boundaries of electoral maps in 2012 that sliced up the neighborhood into multiple districts.
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Long Beach Native Americans Enraged by Juniperro Serra Sainthood

After Pope Francis announced his plan to canonize Serra in mid-January, many local Native Americans have voiced opposition to naming the Spanish Franciscan as a saint.
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Rest in Peace, Olive Kang

Sixteen-month-old Olive Kang, the subject of a donor campaign championed by her aunt, actress Moon Bloodgood, passed away early Saturday morning, according to her family.
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Republicans’ Legal Attack on Latino Immigrants

Xenophobia will cost the GOP.
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