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Classic Car Enthusiasts Rev Their Engines for Car Show in Alhambra

A horde of classic cars will descend on the Diner on Main parking lot Wednesday for the Classic Car Cruz. We visited the car show two years ago.
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El Americano: The Movie

First-ever binational 3D animated film targets audiences on both sides of U.S.- Mexico border.
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Cancer-Causing Dioxane in the Groundwater of East L.A.

Are trace amounts of an industrial solvent increasing and should we worry?
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Going ‘Wild’ in the Most Diverse City in America

A wilderness festival in Vallejo, Calif. aims to reach a diverse urban audience that doesn't typically visit national parks.
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50 Years Later, 'Upward Bound' Still Vital

The college readiness program that began five decades ago in response to the federal "War on Poverty" is as needed today as it was back then.
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Alhambrans Urged to Conserve Water, But Also Keep Lawns Greens

Alhambra officials say water can be conserved and grass kept green.
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Stay Alive, Black Men, Stay Alive

Abandon the idea of winning, fairness, vindication or satisfaction. The No. 1 goal has to be survival.
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Trauma Theory: Keisha Watson, Why and What Matters Most

Keisha Watson — author of the poetry collection "Pain: Wrong Turn," and the novels "What Matters Most and A Cry for Help" — grew up in a home with a schizophrenic single parent in addition to being subjected to a seemingly endless series of hurtful self-destructive events.
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Interview: Keisha Watson

Keisha Watson’s novels and collections "What Matters Most, Pain: Wrong Turn," and "A Cry for Help" are available at lulu.com.
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Southwest Museum Celebrates Centennial

Saturday’s centennial celebration will focus on the Museum’s unique architecture and the history of its founder Charles E. Lummis, rather than Museum’s extensive collections.
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