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Comprehensive East LA Cityhood Effort Coverage

Eastern Group Publications review their coverage of unincorporated East Los Angeles planning to becoming its own city.
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Coming Out Twice

A young Cambodian from Long Beach finds solace in his father, who accepts him as gay.
category Family/Inter-generational News

Inside Alhambra's Serbian Orthodox Church

St. Steven's Serbian Orthodox Church has been serving the small population of Orthodox Christians in Alhambra since 1948.
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Residents of Coachella Valley Suffer High Rates of Sickness

Governmental neglect and lack of access to affordable care has meant that for many Coachella Valley residents, "dodging death" is a daily ritual.
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L.A. Controller Expands Housing Audit to Include 'LOMOD' Non-Profits

City Controller is looking into spending habits of HACLA contractors who operate L.A.'s housing developments.
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Catholics Stunned by News of Bishop Fathering Two Sons

News of former Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Auxiliary Bishop having teenage sons is causing shock waves among parishioners.
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LA Voters' Political Voice Hangs on Redistricting Commission

Voting in Los Angeles is getting a facelift. A city commission will re-map 15 districts that will affect everything from schools to ethnic representation at City Hall.
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California Governor's Budget Could Hit Most Vulnerable With Deepest Cuts

California Gov. Jerry Brown proposed deep budget cuts this week that could especially impact those from low-income ethnic communities.
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Latinas — The Main Victims of Cervical Cancer in California

Cervical cancer is the second-most common form of cancer among women worldwide. In Los Angeles, according to the LA County Health Department, Latinas have the highest rates of cervical cancer. Maria Luisa Arredondo, editor of Latino California and a 2011 CMAF/Cervical Cancer Reporting Fellow, reports that the disease not only takes lives, but also devastates victims' extended family economically and psychologically.
categories HealthRace/Ethnic Relations

Coming Out as Undocumented in the Suburbs

A new movement has emerged in the San Gabriel Valley, attempting to transform undocumented status into a point of empowerment and engage Asian youth.
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