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Articles Published on November 5, 2012

Prop 30: Intensive Outreach in Latino, Asian Communities

Latest poll by SurveyUSA shows 51% of Californians support Prop. 30.
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Field Poll: Ethnic Voters to Determine California's Political Course

California has more ethnic minority voters than ever before, and their votes will shape state politics -- in 2012, and for years to come.
categories EconomyEducationImmigrationPoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations

San Gabriel Valley: A Battleground for Latino and Asian Votes

Two organizations in the San Gabriel Valley have been targeting minority voters in the hopes that mobilizing the under-engaged groups can help increase their voter turnout rate.
categories NeighborhoodsPoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations

Election 2012: Questions for Jack Orswell, Candidate for 27th Congressional District

Alhambra Source is inviting candidates for local offices to sit down and answer questions from staff and community members.
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Election 2012: Local Candidates on Transportation in Alhambra

Alhambra Source asked local candidates about their takes on different transportation issues. Here's a breakdown of how they feel about the 710, biking, and senior services.
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U.S. Employment Up in October

Employers nationwide added 171,000 new jobs in the month of October, according to a report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
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Latino Power Brokers Pulling For Prop. 31

Proposition 31 could give Latino lawmakers more of a say on Capitol Hill.
categories PoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations
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