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Articles Published on November 6, 2012

Minorities, Poor Breathe Worse Air Pollution, Study Finds

Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Fresno are among the metropolitan areas with unhealthful levels of fine particles and large concentrations of poor minorities.
category Green News

Missing Out: Political Ads, Spanish-Language TV and the Latino Vote

An estimated $3 billion will be spent on political ads this year, but a relatively paltry amount has been spent on Spanish-language ads.
categories BusinessPoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations

Voter Turnout Expected to Rise Among Students

With November 6 fast approaching, it is predicted that voter turnout among young people, especially college students, will be higher than before.
categories EducationPolitics

A Local Election From the Inside

Albert Lu, 19, did not know much about water until he signed onto his friend Thomas' campaign for water district. But that all changed in the past few months.
category Health

Alhambra Votes 2012

Alhambra Reporter Corps members will be out all day on election day, talking to residents and tracking the vote. Send us your experience at info@alhambrasource.org.
category Politics
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