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Articles Published on December 19, 2012

Pinoys Mourn the Passing of Sen. Daniel Inouye

Filipinos around the world are mourning the passing of US Senator Daniel Inouye, the highest-ranking Asian American member in Congress, and well-known Filipino World War II veterans champion.
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Students Look for Jobs and Opportunities Under Today’s Economy

Students are still having a difficult time landing jobs they're seeking. Economists say pace of recovery from the recent recession has been slow.
categories EconomyEducation

LA City Clerk Releases Official List of Certified Candidates

Los Angeles City Clerk June Lagmay released the official list of the 77 candidates who have qualified to appear on the March 5, 2013 ballot for the LA City Primary Nominating Election.
categories City AffairsPolitics

Local School and Law Enforcement Officials Respond to Tragic School Shooting

In the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, Alhambra Unified School District and local law enforcement officials say they are working to improve student safety.
categories City AffairsEducationNeighborhoodsPublic Safety

After 30 Years, Empty Lot Transformed into State-of-the-art Park in El Sereno

A patch of dirt on the border of Alhambra has been transformed into a park, complete with solar-powered lighting, a fitness station, and a tilework labrynth embedded in the ground.
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