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Articles Published on January 5, 2013

A New Year, a New Term: Questions for Congresswoman Judy Chu

Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-El Monte) was re-elected to represent Alhambra and other cities in the San Gabriel Valley last November. Chu tells us about her plans for a new term.
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California Laws 2013: Birth Control, Driver’s License for the Undocumented, Funeral Picketing & Foreclosure

New Year & New Laws: Registered nurses will be able to dispense contraceptives such as the pill; No discrimination based on religious dress or grooming.
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J’can Comedic Icon Oliver Made a Quick One Stop in “Who A Di Don”

Besides love, hate and betrayal, Samuels looks at the issues of don-man-ship and how it has impacted the island of Jamaica for decades.
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