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Articles Published on January 30, 2013

Asthmatic Woman Believes LA’s Free Health Care Program is Keeping Her Alive

All but a handful of California’s 58 counties opted to launch similar "bridge" programs so enrollees can easily transition to the expanded Medi-Cal program next January, under the health care reform law.
category Health

Reodica Trial Moved to March

New allegations of fraud by Fil-Am car dealer who scammed banks and investors surface in Australia.
categories BusinessJustice

Orange County’s Growing Export: The Asian American Church

Amid rising numbers in the Asian American populace, a new and influential style of Asian American church is making its way out of Southern California’s Orange County to other states and even other countries.
categories Arts & CultureNeighborhoodsRace/Ethnic Relations

Korean American Pioneer Receives Posthumous Honor

The city of Los Angeles will rename the metro subway stop in the heart of Koreatown in honor of the late Korean American political pioneer Alfred Hoyun Song.
categories Arts & CultureCity AffairsRace/Ethnic Relations

Salli Richardson-Whitfield Will Host the Pan African Film Festival

America’s largest and most prestigious international Black film festival will take place at the Rave Cinemas Baldwin Hills 15.
categories Arts & CultureRace/Ethnic Relations
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