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Off Script with Randall Park

The Los Angeles native has long entertained fans with scene-stealing spots on television, film and the web. Now, with two major studio projects to his name, the actor talks candidly about working in the industry, diversifying roles and playing the long game.
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Behind the Making of ‘The Interview’

Last month, KoreAm spoke with actor Seth Rogen before the Sony cyberattack grew to its current dimensions.
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John Cho Delights in Rom-Com Role in ABC’s ‘Selfie’

In the new ABC rom-com "Selfie," John Cho goes where no Asian American actor has gone before.
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Why Everybody Loves Sung Kang

Actor Sung Kang, best known for his film roles, hits primetime with a new TV drama, Gang Related, on Fox. It’s a role created for him by the same writer behind the Fast and the Furious franchise that made Kang an international star—and lent him a persona that fans just love to love.
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Journalist Turned Immigration Activist Jose Vargas Speaks From the Heart

At one time, Filipino American journalist Jose Antonio Vargas’ work was his life. Then, after “coming out” as undocumented in 2011, his life became his work.
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David Choi is Charting New Frontiers

Singer/songwriter/video producer David Choi is a pioneer in the YouTube music scene, and he’s helped pave the way for independent artists to be seen, heard and compensated.
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Sung Kang Keeps It Real With Hollywood

Sung Kang, who co-stars with Sylvester Stallone in the action flick Bullet to the Head, reflects on his own Rocky Balboa-esque story.
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