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An Alhambra Thanksgiving

Alhambra Source spoke with dozens of Alhambra residents last year about how they planned to celebrate Thanksgiving. No two answers were the same, but almost all sounded delicious.
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A Seat at The Table

A young Asian American interested in politics probes why his community has such low voter turnout rates – and what is changing.
categories Family/Inter-generational NewsPoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations

Eight SGV Women Honored for Their Leadership

The 49th Assembly District 2013 Women’s History Month Leadership Awards were held March 22 in Alhambra.
categories Arts & CultureCity AffairsNeighborhoodsPolitics

Alhambra's Hidden Graffiti Story

Alhambra may appear to be a calm, mostly clean, suburban community. But beneath the surface is a graffiti scene that has produced some of LA's best-known street artists.
categories Arts & CultureNooks & Crannies

From Being Dragged to Chinatown to a Chinese American Civil Rights Leader

Rick Eng speaks at a Chinese American Citizens Alliance event. | Photos courtesy of Rick Eng.
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Alhambra's Top Cops Answer Hard Questions

Alhambra Source asked Alhambra Police Chief Mark Yokoyama and Captain Clifford Mar about purse snatchers on Main Street, technology, and what their goals are moving forward.
categories Public SafetyRace/Ethnic Relations

Enchiladas, Roast Duck, Pernil — and Turkey: An Alhambra Thanksgiving

We spoke with dozens of Alhambra residents about how they plan to celebrate Thanksgiving. No two answers were the same.
categories Arts & CultureFamily/Inter-generational NewsFoodNeighborhoods

A Local Election From the Inside

Albert Lu, 19, did not know much about water until he signed onto his friend Thomas' campaign for water district. But that all changed in the past few months.
category Health

Sharing a Hometown Dish at Alhambra Park

Alhambra Source partnered with APALC for a food storytelling event at Alhambra Park. We asked participants: What is a dish you brought from your hometown?
categories Arts & CultureFamily/Inter-generational NewsImmigrationNeighborhoods

Tears Flow as Alhambra Health Center Seniors Contemplate Its Closing

An Adult Day Health Care Center on Valley provides a daily refuge for 100 elderly immigrants. But along with hundreds of others, it could be forced to close at the end of the month.
categories EconomyFamily/Inter-generational NewsHealthNeighborhoodsPoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations
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