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Enlisting to Escape Internment: A Japanese American's Story

Jimmy Makino was around 20 when he was forced to enter an internment camp in 1942. So desperate to escape, the Alhambra High alum volunteered for the same army that was keeping him there.
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A Quest to Portray the San Gabriel Valley's Native People

Photographer Isabel Avila grew up in Alhambra feeling like an outsider because she was not an immigrant or child of one. The question of cultural change led her to her current subject.
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San Gabriel Valley: A Battleground for Latino and Asian Votes

Two organizations in the San Gabriel Valley have been targeting minority voters in the hopes that mobilizing the under-engaged groups can help increase their voter turnout rate.
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Should Alhambra's Immigrants Be Able to Learn English For Free?

Since Alhambra closed its free adult school last year, residents eager to take ESL and vocational courses are struggling to find affordable adult schools in the area.
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