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Hard Winter for California Farmworkers

When the harvest season ends, unemployment rates rise for California farmworkers.
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In the Shadow of the Border Wall

The border often seems a chasm separating wealth and poverty. But the lives of people who have no home are basically the same, regardless of which side they live on.
category Immigration

A New Bracero Program Will Hurt Farmworkers

Giving employers another bracero program is a failed idea, one we shouldn't repeat. Farm labor that can support families is a better one.
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The Only Job I Can Do—A Young Mother’s Farm Work Story

Young farmworker Lorena Hernandez, a single mother from Mexico, describes her toil with little chance for education—and a future.
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Imperial Valley Residents Must Fight for Right to Breathe Clean Air

In the unincorporated communities of the Imperial Valley, farm worker families are finding it hard to escape the effects air and soil pollution.
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