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Why Immigrant Rights Advocates Aren’t Worried About Texas Judge’s Ruling

A federal judge on Monday temporarily blocked Obama's executive actions on immigration from going into effect.
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Poll Finds Optimism, Economic Gender Gap in Latino Families

A new poll on the state of Latino families finds that when faced with tough economic times, Latina women are more economically vulnerable than Latino men.
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The Latinoamericanización of U.S. Politics

One of the most interesting things happening right now is in Arizona, where the politics that brought about SB 1070 are retreating.
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How Citizenship Changed My Life — From College to the Ballot Box

In celebration of Citizenship Day on Sept. 17, new Americans describe how their lives changed after they became U.S. citizens.
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Naturalize Now - Citizenship Application to Double in Length

In May, the citizenship application becomes twice as long, going from 10 to 21 pages. Advocates are encouraging immigrants to apply now.
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Where Immigration Reform Stands Now

As the Senate's immigration reform bill heads to the Senate floor, here's what to expect.
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California Same-Sex Couples Anxiously Await Supreme Court Decision

A U.S. Supreme Court announcement is expected Friday on California's Prop 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act.
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Immigrant Tracking Moves Deeper Into Realm of Sci-Fi

New ways of collecting information -- and sharing that data across government agencies -- are raising concerns over privacy rights.
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Advocates Launch Campaign to Get Anti-Trafficking Bill on State Ballot

A new measure advocates hope to get on the November ballot would increase penalties against human traffickers in California. The campaign was launched last week to coincide with National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.
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