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Asian Americans: The New White?

Asian Americans are held up as the great success story, on the fast track to assimilation. But this has put us at the center of the debate about fairness in this country, raising the question: Are we becoming white?
categories Arts & CultureRace/Ethnic Relations

Tokimonsta Making Her Mark in the Electronic Music Scene

On her latest record, L.A. DJ and beatmaker Jennifer Lee, a.k.a. TOKiMONSTA, urges us to do just that. It’s a strategy that’s worked for her so far.
category Arts & Culture

The Dream Is Alive

For undocumented students, Obama’s re-election affords them the chance to do something many take for granted: plan for the future.
categories EducationImmigrationPolitics

How K-Town Lost, and Won

Politics is dirty. Local politics is dirtier, and redistricting is as dirty as it gets. This spring, Koreatown fought back. The neighborhood will never be the same.
categories NeighborhoodsPoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations

Koreatown Activists Continue Fight for Political Future

Local activists are up in arms over new redistricting maps, which will divide Koreatown into two sections.
categories City AffairsNeighborhoodsPoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations
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