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California Children With Limited English Can’t Get Mental Healthcare

Troubling data has emerged showing a massive deficit in services provided to California children in need of mental health care, in particular children from homes with limited English proficiency.
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Good Schools Equal Better Health for Low-income Teens

For disadvantaged teens getting into good schools could mean more than a leg-up in academics: it could open the door to better health.
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Asia’s Buddhism-Islam Conflict Spreads to LA Sri Lankan Community

Waving Sri Lankan and American flags, Muslims in Los Angeles rallied outside the Consulate General’s office on Wilshire Boulevard calling on the Sri Lankan government to step up efforts to protect religious minorities and bring to justice leaders of the recent clashes in the southern town of Aluthgama.
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"I Know I Have Children. But Don't Remember How Many."

The forgetting of a mother.
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Thai Town’s Songkran Festival – a Colorful Celebration of Tradition and Diversity

Songkran has become a showcase event that captures the city’s vibrant diversity and lifestyles.
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Obamacare Enrollment Gathers Steam in Latino Communities, Thanks to Grassroots Efforts

Ground-level efforts by groups like the SEIU are helping to publicize the ACA and disseminate enrollment information to Latino families.
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New Voice, Fresh Perspective on Current African American Issues in LA

LA Beez welcomes new media member The Morningside Park Chronicle founded in 2012. We spoke with the publisher/editor Teka-Lark Fleming about her media group's vision, goals, and uniqueness.
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Walmart Employees Can’t Afford Thanksgiving, Many On Food Stamps

“So many people working in a company that is the biggest in the world and so many of those people need to be on food stamps? There’s something to be said about that,” says activist.
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Buddhists End “Rainy Season” With Ancient Ritual Robe-offering Ceremonies in LA

Hundreds of ethnic Buddhists in Southern California belonging to the Theravada tradition have been flocking to temples over the past few weeks for the Kathina, a ritual that has persisted in several Asian countries for over 2500 years.
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Philippine Consulate Partners With DOL For Workers’ Rights

This week the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles set a precedent for other foreign consulates by stepping in to prevent unscrupulous employers from exploiting documented and undocumented workers.
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