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An Alhambra Thanksgiving

Alhambra Source spoke with dozens of Alhambra residents last year about how they planned to celebrate Thanksgiving. No two answers were the same, but almost all sounded delicious.
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For a Better Future and Life: From Cuba to Alhambra

Sam & Jackie Wong-Alhambra Source Scholarship publication winner Jane Fernandez writes about her Cuban American parents' struggles and growing up a child of immigrants.
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A Young Cuban Immigrant, Bullied For Being Different

Jane Fernandez moved from Cuba to Alhambra when she was 8 years old. That is when the bullying started that left an impact until today.
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Mental Health Program at Alhambra Unified Helps Students Reach For Success

Gateway to Success program director Dr. Laurel Bear answers questions about the AUSD mental health program and how she plans on keeping schools safe for children.
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Budget Cuts and Bullying: A Conversation With Alhambra Unified's New Superintendent

LOCAL LEADERS: Dr. Laura Tellez-Gagliano sat down with Alhambra Source and explained how budget cuts are affecting Alhambra students' education and how the district is keeping students safe.
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Enchiladas, Roast Duck, Pernil — and Turkey: An Alhambra Thanksgiving

We spoke with dozens of Alhambra residents about how they plan to celebrate Thanksgiving. No two answers were the same.
categories Arts & CultureFamily/Inter-generational NewsFoodNeighborhoods
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