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In Search of the Alhambra Taco

Five Years of the Source: Javier Cabral, a restaurant scout for food critic Jonathan Gold, went looking for something besides noodles and soup dumplings in Alhambra.
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What Do Alhambrans Eat on the Fourth of July?

Young people from Alhambra share family recipes and traditions, such as a golden-brown fried tilapia, a freshly cut cactus paddle salad, and a sushi-flavored homemade chunky salsa!
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Taqueria-style Tacos in Alhambra

Join Alhambra Source's Reporter Corps on April 17 for a discussion on education and enjoy free refreshments from La Cafeina, home to Alhambra's elusive taqueria-style tacos.
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An Alhambra Thanksgiving

Alhambra Source spoke with dozens of Alhambra residents last year about how they planned to celebrate Thanksgiving. No two answers were the same, but almost all sounded delicious.
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Spotted: The Elusive Alhambra Taco

Contrary to popular belief, Alhambra is not just noodles and dumplings. Amidst Palm Avenue's industrial buildings and warehouses you will find La Cafeina Cafe & Taqueria.
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Enchiladas, Roast Duck, Pernil — and Turkey: An Alhambra Thanksgiving

We spoke with dozens of Alhambra residents about how they plan to celebrate Thanksgiving. No two answers were the same.
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"Unwrapped" Alhambra: 161,280 Korean Dumplings a Day

Green Chopsticks dumplings runs a factory in the heart of industrial Alhambra and delivers to Costco's around the country. The "Glutster" takes us to the assembly line.
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