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Mexican Scribe Javier Sicilia Brings Campaign for Peace to U.S.

One year after losing his son, Mexican writer Javier Sicilia is calling on the U.S. and Mexican governments to end the violence.
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L.A. Hispanics Say Local Gym Conditions Discriminatory

Hispanic gym goers in Los Angeles say a nationwide fitness chain failed to maintain health standards in clubs where a majority of members are Latino.
categories BusinessHealthRace/Ethnic Relations

Civil Rights Advocates Meet in L.A. to Discuss Voter Suppression Laws

With the 2012 elections looming, states are passing laws that make it tougher for ethnic minorities and the poor to cast a ballot.
categories PoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations

LA Voters' Political Voice Hangs on Redistricting Commission

Voting in Los Angeles is getting a facelift. A city commission will re-map 15 districts that will affect everything from schools to ethnic representation at City Hall.
categories City AffairsPoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations

Occupy LA Says 'Protests Will Go On'

As the midnight deadline for the Occupy L.A. camp to clear out came and went, the general consensus among police and protestors was one of resigned determination.
categories EconomyPolitics

Tomb of the Unknown Migrant

A town in California just north of the Mexico border is home to a cemetery of unmarked graves for migrants who never made it.
categories ImmigrationPoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations
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