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Free, Free Chol Soo Lee

As this nation seethed, wept and marched this past month over a spate of African American male deaths at the hands of police officers from Ferguson to New York, a little known figure who embodied the painful, lasting consequences of racism in the justice system quietly left the world.
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Chol Soo Lee, Who Sparked Early Pan-Asian American Movement, Dies at 62

Chol Soo Lee, a Korean American whose wrongful conviction in a 1973 San Francisco murder case galvanized a historic pan-Asian American movement to win his freedom, died Tuesday at age 62.
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Anais & Sam: A Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited After 25 Years

Identical twin sisters, born in Korea, but separated at birth, never knew about the existence of the other, until a YouTube video and Facebook message led to their reunion 25 years later.
category Family/Inter-generational News

Korea’s Hip-Hop Legend Tiger JK is a Rebel with a Cause

Pioneering hip-hop artist and producer Tiger JK has long defied convention, so KoreAm decided to take an unconventional approach to covering him.
category Arts & Culture

A Korean Belgian Adoptee Shares His Story Via Animation

Jung Henin chronicles his story as a Korean Belgian adoptee in "Approved for Adoption," an animated memoir.
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Elcid Choi Brings His ‘Pitch’ to Reality TV

Elcid Choi, president of the Los Angeles-based advertising agency Innerspin, is featured on AMC's The Pitch.
category Arts & Culture

Among Disabled Job Seekers, Asian Americans Fare Worst

Asian Americans with disabilities face multiple barriers to employment, including stigma within their own ethnic community and even within their own families, making them one of the most underemployed groups, according to new research released by advocates last month.
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Respect the Kimchi

Lauryn Chun, author of The Kimchi Cookbook, has come full-circle in her relationship with the essential Korean side dish.
categories Arts & CultureFoodRace/Ethnic Relations

Modern Family Values

What do second-generation American family values look like? Writer and actress Diane Farr shares her Korean-Irish-Italian American family’s take.
categories Arts & CultureFamily/Inter-generational NewsRace/Ethnic Relations

The Giving Cycle

One night a month, Jeff Jun's Lavanderia in Santa Ana, Calif., transforms into a hub of good, clean love.
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