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Public Pressure Prompts Change to Calif.’s School Finance Plan

Calif.’s State Board of Education proposed changes aimed at making school districts more accountable in the way to spend extra funds under the state’s new school finance plan.
category Education

Q&A: Napolitano On Diversity, Academics and the Undocumented at U.C.

UC President Janet Napolitano says it was the promise of the California dream, which is really the "American Dream on steroids," that drew her to the state.
categories EducationImmigrationRace/Ethnic Relations

Q&A: In 21st Century Economy, Why Every Student 'Needs a Great Education'

Recent initiatives aim to improve education in California, which ranks near the bottom in per-pupil spending and academic performance.
category Education

Q&A: Girls 'Invisible' in Boys and Men of Color Movement

The push to address the challenges facing boys and men of color raises the question of why a similar movement hasn't emerged for girls and women.
categories PoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations

Q&A: What You Need to Know to Prepare for the Common Core

California's new education standards promise to revamp learning across the state, though preparation for the coming changes is key.
categories EducationYouth

UC President: Serving Minorities 'Key Question' Going Forward

Outgoing UC President Mark Yudof says the university needs to do more to meet the demands of an increasingly diverse California.
categories Arts & CultureEducationRace/Ethnic Relations

Q&A: Bringing Equity Back to Calif. School Funding

The head of California's State Board of Education explains how we arrived at the current school finance system, and how a new proposal looks to fix it.
categories EducationPolitics

Homeless Youth Project Releases Statewide Action Plan

In January California released its action plan on homeless youth, a set of measures aimed at ending youth homelessness in the state.
categories PoliticsYouth

Mental Health Taboos Fuel Korean Am. Suicides

Taboos against openly discussing issues of mental health and a cultural fixation with success could be behind the high rate of suicides in the Korean American community.
categories HealthNeighborhoodsRace/Ethnic Relations
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