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Learn to Research, Create a Change: Alhambra Nonprofit Offers Lab Experience to Young Students

Jisan Research Institute is on a mission to teach young people how to conduct research and use what they learn to create change.
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Saying Goodbye to Your Pet at Home

San Gabriel Valley-based veterinarian Dr. Robin Holmes offers in-home pet euthanasia, a procedure that allows an animal to die in his or her home.
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Hot Red Bus Batters Up Top 10 Best Fish and Chips in L.A.

Main Street's Hot Red Bus — British Indian grub with a California twist — was featured Friday in L.A. Weekly's "10 Best Fish & Chips in Los Angeles."
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JayDee Cafe: Serving Alhambra Burgers and Beers for Nearly 70 Years

The Alhambra institution has been part of the community for generations. Serving up burgers and a rack of pool, kitchen manager Stephanie Wilkins takes us inside JayDee's history.
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A New Generation of Rotary for the San Gabriel Valley

"Rotary has an image of being an old, white guys club that gets together for rubber chicken lunches...Being the new generation, we prefer to call ourselves the 'back-breaking club'..."
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Hot Red Bus — British Indian Grub With a California Twist — Opens on Main St

The Ma Jasmin Indian food booth and catering service from the Alhambra Farmer's market opens as its own restaurant.
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Asian Small Business Expo Comes to Alhambra

The Asian Small Business Expo will take place on Sept. 22 at Almansor Court in Alhambra. The expo will feature more than 40 exhibitors and offer several bilingual workshops.
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Stilettos Take Main Street

Why would confident, professional women — many of whom self identify as "Power Babes" — choose to parade around in heels on their Friday night and be judged?
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Alhambra "Hoodlums" Transform Car Parts Into Art

Alhambra auto body painters turn spare car parts into canvases, creating pieces of art on hoods, doors, fenders and trunks.
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San Gabriel Valley's "Power Babes"

In unexpected locations — including an auto repair shop, youth center, bar and lingerie store — nearly 100 professional women with diverse backgrounds have joined forces to form the Power Babes.
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