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Gov. Brown’s Budget Not Specific About Medi-Cal Spending For DACA

Health care advocates are heartened by Gov. Brown's 2016 budget, but disappointed by his "smoke and mirrors" approach to offering Medi-Cal to those who will get deportation relief from President Obama's recent Executive Action.
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The ‘Alphabet Soup’ of Immigration and Healthcare Reform

At a forum in Los Angeles, experts helped demystify the confusing jumble of acronyms that have emerged around health care and immigration reform.
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For One Mom, Executive Action Means an End to Crippling Arthritis

Irma Montoya will be able to get knee surgery once she gets deferred action and can access state-funded Medi-Cal.
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DACA Medi-Cal — A Lifeline for Young Samoan With Bone Disease

For more than two decades, Tali Seumanutafa, battled a recurring bone infection, first in her native Samoa, and then in Hawaii and California.
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Sen. Lara Re-Introduces Health for All Act

Senator Ricardo Lara has re-introduced the Health for All Act of 2015 which would guarantee undocumented Californians access to health care coverage.
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In U.S., Undocumented People Can Donate But Not Receive Organs

Unauthorized immigrants are barred from receiving expensive organ transplants, even though their organs can be used to save the lives of others.
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15 California School Districts Begin Serving Locally Grown Foods to Students

Last week, 15 school districts across California began serving their students school lunches made from foods grown in California and prepared freshly just for them.
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Youth Depression a ‘Tough Pill’ for Indian American Parents to Swallow

For one young Indian American, taboos around depression led to years of suffering in silence.
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Over 10,000 Californians to Lose Health Coverage

Some Californians who purchased insurance on the exchange are in danger of losing their health plan.
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Majority of California Voters Support Health Care for the Undocumented

A majority of California voters support the expanding health coverage to include undocumented immigrants, according to a new poll.
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