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Study: Pets a Prescription for Health, Happiness Among Elders

UCLA researchers studying "best practices" for how to deliver holistic health care to seniors found pets were a big source of social support.
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In California, Health Care is Often Lost for Lack of Translation

With health care coverage expanded to an additional 2 million Californians through the Affordable Care Act, community clinics are seeing a need for interpreters like never before.
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Setting Data Free, In the Name of Better Health

In the U.S., health data is often inaccessible to those who could best use it to improve lives.
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DACA Students' Right to Medi-Cal Routinely Rejected

A slew of challenges — including onerous paperwork and ignorance among healthcare workers — has kept numerous DACA students from getting a Medi-Cal card.
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California’s Undocumented Use Fewer Health Services Than U.S.-Born Residents

Far from being a drain on the system, undocumented Californians are using emergency rooms at only half the rate of U.S. citizens.
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California’s 'Health For All' Bill Moves Forward

SB 1005, called the Health for All Act, moved out of the state Senate Health Committee Wednesday and is now headed to the appropriations committee.
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No Room for Autism Treatment in Self-Funded Health Plans

A number of large corporations with self funded health plans are excluding autism therapy, putting hundreds of their employees under a great deal of stress.
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Pollster Says Voter Registration Mailings by Covered CA Will Boost Democratic Base

The state's health insurance exchange began the mailings last month, after voting rights groups threatened to sue the state, accusing it of violating federal law.
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CA’s Health Care Exchange Chief Pleased With Latino Enrollment

California's Latino enrollment rose to 32 percent of those enrolling in healthcare coverage during the first three weeks of March.
categories HealthRace/Ethnic Relations

Medi-Cal Covers Foster Youth Till Age 26, But Few Know It

The Affordable Care Act provides coverage to former foster youth in California until age 26, though few know they are eligible.
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