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From Death Penalty to Taxes, California Ethnic Voters to Flex Ballot Muscle

A new Field Poll shows California ethnic voters favor both education-related tax initiatives on the ballot and differ significantly with whites on issues, such as the death penalty.
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Ethnic Candidates Largely Succeed in California Primary

Despite possibly record low voter turnout, candidates of color largely achieved success in California's June 5 primary.
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California Earns B- for Openness, D- for Access

California ranked fourth in political integrity, according to a nationwide study, but earned dismal scores for public access.
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Key Issues for Black Voters in 2012

San Francisco State Professor of Political Science Robert Smith discusses his views on the key issues facing black voters in 2012.
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Kamala Harris Wins $18 Billion for CA in Foreclosure Deal

The deal brings larger bank reforms, including ending the "dual-track" practice and requiring banks to set a single point of contact for homeowners.
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Study: California Women "Falling Behind" — and Held Back by Budget Cuts

A new report shows that California's younger and older women have been especially hit by the recession and are being held back even more by state budget cuts.
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Civil Rights Advocates Meet in L.A. to Discuss Voter Suppression Laws

With the 2012 elections looming, states are passing laws that make it tougher for ethnic minorities and the poor to cast a ballot.
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California Governor's Budget Could Hit Most Vulnerable With Deepest Cuts

California Gov. Jerry Brown proposed deep budget cuts this week that could especially impact those from low-income ethnic communities.
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Kamala Harris to Ethnic Media: Inform Your Communities About Foreclosure

California's Attorney General has proposed a new course of action to address foreclosure in the state, and ethnic media has a key role.
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California Atty. General's Office Pulls out of Settlement with Banks

California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced yesterday that she's pulling out of a pending 50-state settlement with banks over wrongful foreclosures, because she didn't want to give the banks blanket immunity.
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