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Educating Alhambra: Translating Change Through Journalism and Discussion

Education leaders, parents, students, and community members gathered in Alhambra Thursday for a multilingual discussion about how to improve education in the city.
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For Poorer Students, Little Guidance on Path to College

Nonprofit groups try to fill-in for parents and missing counselors.
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Expanding Opportunities for CA Students

California lawmakers are considering two different proposals to increase educational opportunities for California students from the youngest to the oldest.
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New School Standards Present Challenge for Refugee Students

Teachers worry that California's new educational standards could make refugee students fall even further behind.
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LA's Latino Parents 'In the Dark' About Common Core

Latino parents in Los Angeles say the state's largest school district hasn't done enough to explain Common Core to the community.
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Student-Run Farmers Market Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

Students from 10 garden clubs throughout the Montebello Unified School District sold fresh, organic produce Saturday during the first farmers market of the year. The event focuses on promoting low-cost alternative produce and healthy eating habits.
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Lack of Information and Funds Keeps DACA Applications Low

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) data, fewer than half of the approximately 1.6 million undocumented individuals immigration officials believe are eligible to receive deferred action status have applied.
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Vietnamese Parents Face Culture Shift With Common Core

The Common Core marks a major shift for Vietnamese parents accustomed to the traditional test-based approach to education.
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Don't Dismiss Older Teachers

Alhambra Source’s Reporter Corps sat down with Joe Petralia and Sherri Bottger, retired Alhambra High School teachers, to discuss budget cuts, school administration, and teaching today.
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Leland Yee Helps Set Dangerous Precedent for Affirmative Action

Yee reversed his decision on an affirmative action bill after receiving an outraged letter from an Asian-American constituent group.
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