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Goodbye, Mi Jefe...Thanks For the Ride!

The passing of a beloved father, grandfather, uncle, and neighborhood icon
category Family/Inter-generational News

Youth Depression a ‘Tough Pill’ for Indian American Parents to Swallow

For one young Indian American, taboos around depression led to years of suffering in silence.
category Family/Inter-generational News

For Novelist and TV Writer Leonard Chang, It’s All About Connecting

Chang’s back with an autobiographical novel titled "Triplines," a coming-of-age story centered on 11-year-old Lenny who has to deal with with a dysfunctional Korean immigrant family, an abusive, alcoholic father at home and racist bullying at school.
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‘Spa Night’ Explores the Story of a Closeted Korean American Teen

This Kickstarter film follows the story of David Cho, a closeted 18-year-old Korean American teen living in the Koreatown, who takes a job at a Korean spa and finds an underground culture of gay sex.
categories Arts & CultureFamily/Inter-generational NewsRace/Ethnic Relations

A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Suicide

Today, Brandon's parents are able to see some of the signs they missed that their son was in trouble.
category Family/Inter-generational News

Palliative Care: How Chinese Americans Find Comfort at Death’s Door

Chinese Americans are learning not to avoid the taboo topic of death, but to take charge of their end-of-life decisions for their peace of mind.
categories Family/Inter-generational NewsHealth

Monterey Park Prepares for Pet License Canvassing

Public hearing on ordinance change set for Nov. 5.
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More Chinese American Elders Stating Their End-of-Life Wishes

Although two-thirds of Asians would rather die at home, only one-third don't die in institutions. Palliative care programs can help ensure the system honors their wishes.
categories Family/Inter-generational NewsHealth

More Than 90% of Latino Children in the U.S. Were Born in U.S.

And other things we didn't know about, from Latino Loop.
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First-ever Choices Expo on Saturday, Oct. 11

LA County families invited to hear about school and healthcare resources available from more than 100 vendors.
categories City AffairsFamily/Inter-generational NewsHealth
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