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For One Mom, Executive Action Means an End to Crippling Arthritis

Irma Montoya will be able to get knee surgery once she gets deferred action and can access state-funded Medi-Cal.
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Why Eldercare Will Need More Gen Xers, Millennials — & Money

With a growing number of aging family members in need of assistance and high eldercare cost, more Gen Xers and Millennials will be acting as caregivers.
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Impact of Obama’s Executive Actions on AAPI Community

On Tuesday, Dec. 16, the White House hosted a press conference call explaining the details of Obama’s immigration accountability executive action, and the widespread impact it has on the AAPI community.
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Hearts, Minds, Sugar and Sleep: Health/Mental Health in Black Elders

New research on black elders reveals crucial links between health and such unexpected factors as poor sleep, obesity and stress.
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CA Advocates Hope Low-Income Black Elders Ready for New Health Program

Low-income black elders and those with disabilities and their advocates say new California health program is confusing, but holds promise for better care.
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Dr. Esther Oh on Partnering with Pastors

Many in the Korean American community turn to resources other than medical health services to address issues such as stress, depression, anxiety and family-related conflicts. One of those resources is their faith-based support network.
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Special Training Prepares Nurses for Growing Senior Population

Seniors are hospitalized at triple the general population rate, yet too few health professionals are trained in geriatric care. A new nursing program aims to change that.
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Advocacy Group Urges Eligible Undocumented Immigrants to Apply for New Benefits

Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ) held on Friday a presentation explaining the benefits of Obama’s immigration reform.
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Exide Residential Cleanup Continues

State regulators have ordered Exide to make major changes to pollution control systems at its Vernon plant, and to pay for the clean up contamination at nearby homes.
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Making Technology Work for Elders in the New Longevity Economy

New gizmos from tech startups offer us more independence as we age, but researchers stress that ethnic diversity also raises cost and cultural concerns.
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