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‘Korean Food Made Simple’ Recipe: Salted Caramel Hotteok Pancakes

These are great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and/or whipped cream on top for an extra treat.
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Filipino Invention Beer Below Zero Comes to US

Beer drinkers in the United States, including Filipinos, can now drink their favorite beer cooled to perfection using revolutionary technology invented by three beer-loving Filipinos.
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A Solution to Hunger in the San Gabriel Valley?

Alhambra Source spoke to Linda Hess of Urban Harvester, which connects grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, and other businesses with extra food to agencies that serve food to the public.
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The Tortilla Maker

A story of a single mother Hispanic family, his Nana and a history that speaks to many of us.
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MUSD Kicks Off ‘War on Hunger’ Food Drive

The Montebello Unified School District kicked off its 6th Annual War on Hunger Food Drive this week at Bell Gardens Intermediate School.
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Raspados and Ice Cream Sundaes: Staying Cool in Alhambra

Check out photos and posts from Alhambra residents.
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Roy Choi to Launch Healthy, Affordable Fast Food Chain

In his latest culinary venture, chef Roy Choi is partnering up with San Francisco chef Daniel Patterson to launch a new chain of fast food restaurants called Loco’l.
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New Study: Instant Ramen Linked With Heart Disease Risk

A recent American study is targeting one beloved South Korean food as a perpetrator of cardio-metabolic risk of diabetes, heart disease or stroke—instant ramen noodles.
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A Breakfast of Machaca Con Huevos

Alhambra Source partnered with Alhambra-based cooks and food bloggers LatinoFoodie to bring you a recipe for machaca con huevos, a spicy breakfast of shredded beef, eggs, and chile peppers.
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From Seed to Sauce: David Tran Shares His Recipe for Success

Behind the ubiquitous red chili sauce is Mr. Tran, an energetic young mind in an older man’s body, who seems to be aging in reverse.
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