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Hundreds of Thousands Face Immediate Medi-Cal Termination Due to State Failure

The state’s renewal forms—already some of the most confusing in the nation—were incomprehensible to many recipients who were used to getting the forms in their language.
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Online Classes Help Families Globally Cope With Alzheimer’s Stress

Family stress is rising as the aging global population is bringing more Alzheimer’s cases. One solution, say experts, is in online courses for caregivers.
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Thousands at Risk of Medi-Cal Cancellation

As many as 200,000 Medi-Cal recipients, mostly non-English speakers, will be shocked to learn they could lose their health care benefits by the end of this month.
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Going Like 60 — Thoughts for Women on the Triumph, Tragedy of Aging

On turning 60, a reporter reflects on what experts say — especially for women — about defying messages of our age-denying society.
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“Who Will Care for Us?”: Many Immigrant Elders Lack Health Care Access

The President’s executive action and Obamacare will help many immigrants, but laws still block some South Asian elders from needed health care.
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‘The Circle of Life’ – Preparing for the Job of Caretaker

AARP launches campaign to give care to the caregiver.
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“Who Will Care for Us?” Ask Indian American Seniors in Immigration Limbo

Despite the President's action, older undocumented immigrants, like Indian elders, often in the U.S. for their children, are denied most health coverage.
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Study: 1 in 5 Nursing Home Residents Abused

A new study surprised researchers by revealing that one-in-five nursing home residents suffer abuse by other patients.
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Study: Trauma Follows Children Into Adulthood, Threat to Public Health in CA

A report by the Center for Youth Wellness found that more than 60 percent of adults reported at least one adverse childhood experience.
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Covered California’s Enrollment Period Reopens

Covered California, the state’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act, has launched a bus tour campaign to spread awareness about health care options.
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