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LA City Council Passes Resolution in Support of TPS For PH

With affirmative votes across the board, the Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution on Wednesday, April 2, to express “support of legislation and/or administrative action to grant Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Philippine nationals to prevent their deportation while their country recovers from Super Typhoon Haiyan.”
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Lack of Information and Funds Keeps DACA Applications Low

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) data, fewer than half of the approximately 1.6 million undocumented individuals immigration officials believe are eligible to receive deferred action status have applied.
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Leland Yee Helps Set Dangerous Precedent for Affirmative Action

Yee reversed his decision on an affirmative action bill after receiving an outraged letter from an Asian-American constituent group.
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Naturalize Now - Citizenship Application to Double in Length

In May, the citizenship application becomes twice as long, going from 10 to 21 pages. Advocates are encouraging immigrants to apply now.
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Diego Luna Delivers More Than Expected in Cesar Chavez Movie

A movie about the great grape boycott in 1965 can't help but put its key figure in the middle of it.
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Campaign Urges Permanent Residents to Pursue Citizenship

There is no reason to fear naturalization process.
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Run River North Chases the Dream

The indie rock band’s music and identity find inspiration in its immigrant heritage.
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Social Media Campaign Highlights Fight For Immigration Reform

CHIRLA launches a second batch of immigrant stories, part of an immigration reform effort -- #ImagineGreen / #ImaginateConLaVerde.
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Stars Speak Out For Inclusive Hollywood, Immigration Reform

NHMC Impact Awards Gala recognized the outstanding achievements and contributions to the positive portrayals of Latinos in media.
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Self-worth Powers an Immigrant’s Dream

Asian Journal profiles "Super Lawyer" Abigail Zelenski.
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