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#KeepAdamHome Sparks a Dialogue on the Deportation of Adult Adoptees

The pending deportation of Adam Thomas Crapser, an undocumented Korean American adoptee and survivor of severe child abuse, has sparked a dialogue on a major loophole in immigration law, according to NBC News.
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Positive Stats: Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA)

Survey finds majority of immigration relief applicants contribute to economy by working and paying taxes.
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Get Coverage and Avoid Penalties

There's a special opportunity to enroll in health insurance this year and avoid paying a penalty to Uncle Sam.
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Uncle Sam Wants DACA Recipients to Avoid Tax Scams

The IRS said Wednesday that DACA recipients are not required to have health insurance — and won't face related tax penalties.
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Feds Arrest Leaders of Alleged Student Visa Fraud Ring in L.A.

Federal authorities arrested three Los Angeles-area residents Wednesday for allegedly running a “pay-to-stay” visa scam that enabled foreign nationals to stay in the U.S. by using student visas without actually attending school.
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Documentary ‘Underwater Dreams’ to Be Shown at CSUSB

How an underwater robot, built by a team of undocumented Mexican high school students for a competition against the likes of MIT, inspired a legacy of hope, leadership and dreams.
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'Age of Dignity' Author, Caregivers Call for Home-Worker & Immigrant Rights

Author and MacArthur ‘genius’ Ai-Jen Poo joined eldercare workers to call for job rights and immigration reform as they serve a fast-aging U.S. population.
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Immigrant Youth Encourage Peers to Apply for Medi-Cal

Undocumented and Uninsured campaign strives to help immigrants receive health care.
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Child Victims Entitled to Civil Recourse, Regardless of Legal Status

A bill authored by Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez aimed at protecting the rights of undocumented children in civil court proceedings has earned the backing of MALDEF, a legal civil rights group.
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Community Activists Urge More Asians to Enroll in DACA

Only one-quarter of Korean youth and a similar portion of Filipino youth eligible for DACA have applied.
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