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Solving Immigration With Cold War Approach

Cold-war era foreign aid policy could serve as a long-term solution to our current immigration predicament by providing economic assistance to developing Latin American nations.
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Lupillo Rivera: A Stranger In His Own Land

Murrieta protestors block immigrants, alienate Mexican music star.
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Underground Networks Spring Up to Help Migrant Kids in U.S.

Mexico's El Universal newspaper reports that an underground network is emerging to help migrant kids in the United States.
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Filipino Groups Sign On for Petition for Admin Relief, TPS for PH

Filipino groups in Los Angeles recently signed on for a letter of petition asking the US government for administrative relief to address the country’s broken immigration system.
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Protest Calls for Obama to ‘Back Away’ from Deporting Children

Calling it a “humanitarian crisis,” a group of immigrant rights activists on Monday called on the U.S. to stop “traumatizing and further damaging the already scarred lives” of the thousands of immigrant children who have entered the country illegally in recent months.
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La Opinión: Why Kevin McCarthy Won't Lead on Immigration

Kevin McCarthy's election to Majority Leader doesn't improve the chances for immigration reform this year.
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How California Is Preparing Undocumented Immigrants for Driving Test

"Of course they know how to drive. But do they know the rules? That is a problem," says Los Angeles Mexican consul Carlos Sada.
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DACA Students' Right to Medi-Cal Routinely Rejected

A slew of challenges — including onerous paperwork and ignorance among healthcare workers — has kept numerous DACA students from getting a Medi-Cal card.
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Activists Urge ‘Branding Free’ Driver’s Licenses

Pro-immigrant rights groups this week called on the governor and federal government to expedite approval of the design for California driver’s licenses for those in the country without legal status, and to do so without requiring large markings they say could lead to discrimination.
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DHS Announces Process for Deferred Action Renewal

On Thursday, June 5, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the details of the process for individuals to renew their enrollment for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
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