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#KeepAdamHome Sparks a Dialogue on the Deportation of Adult Adoptees

The pending deportation of Adam Thomas Crapser, an undocumented Korean American adoptee and survivor of severe child abuse, has sparked a dialogue on a major loophole in immigration law, according to NBC News.
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Latino Public Broadcasting's Season Four of VOCES

Four original documentaries shine a light on some of the most unique and untold aspects of Latino culture and history, April 17.
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How Do We Talk About Race in Alhambra?

Racial tensions flared after the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. In Alhambra, whites and blacks are in the minority, which may explain why it felt like the debate had passed us by.
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Jessika Van Talks Madonna, Playing a Pastor’s Daughter in ‘Seoul Searching’

Van discusses her experience in South Korea filming with the cast and working with Benson Lee, as well as the universal themes in the film that connected with her personally.
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Benson Lee Goes ‘Seoul Searching’ With Latest Indie Feature

“Seoul Searching,” a coming-of-age film that pays homage to the ‘80s teen flicks of John Hughes, is set to open the CAAMFest in San Francisco on March 12.
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Media Matters to Combat Conservative Misinformation Targeting Hispanics

Bilingual experts are launching a project to combat distortions and stereotypes of Hispanics in the media.
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Dori Maynard, Diversity Champion, Dies at 56

Dori J. Maynard, president of the Robert C. Maynard institute for Journalism Education and longtime champion of diversity in journalism and civic life, died Tuesday at her West Oakland, Calif., home, the Institute announced. She was 56.
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SCPASA Encourages Young Fil-Ams to Take Active Role in Writing Their Stories

The eighth annual SCPASA summit conference was held at the University of Southern California on Feb. 14. This year’s theme, “(Re)Writing Our Future” explored the essence of what it means to be members of the Filipino-American society.
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Randall Park Pitches ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ to Everyone, Including Kim Jong-un

Whether you’re a 25-year-old punk rock anarchist from Salt Lake City, a 57-year-old captain of a booze cruise in New Orleans or an old, cranky witch, there are plenty of reasons for anyone to love the sitcom.
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Buzzfeed Now Read More by Latinos Than White Americans

According to Buzzfeed staff memo, according to Latino Loop. Plus, more entertaining Latino news items!
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