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Obama Should Follow Bush Sr.'s Example, Support Federal Prosecution of Ferguson Cop

Twenty-two years ago, President Bush allowed federal charges to be brought against the cops who beat Rodney King. Now, Obama could do the same in Ferguson.
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Hundreds of Thousands Face Immediate Medi-Cal Termination Due to State Failure

The state’s renewal forms—already some of the most confusing in the nation—were incomprehensible to many recipients who were used to getting the forms in their language.
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Left Out of Obama’s Executive Action: Many LGBT Families

Some state laws prevent same-sex partners from having legally recognized relationships with their children.
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UPDATE: Sham defeats Sunada in Alhambra City Council Race by 369 Votes

A total of 10,141 people voted in the Alhambra City Council election, with 51.8 percent of the votes going to Sham and 48.2 percent of the votes going to Sunada.
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Thousands at Risk of Medi-Cal Cancellation

As many as 200,000 Medi-Cal recipients, mostly non-English speakers, will be shocked to learn they could lose their health care benefits by the end of this month.
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Obama Lays Out ‘Family-Focused’ Immigration Plan

President Obama, addressed the nation from the White House Thursday, unveiling executive action he is taking that would allow as many as 5 million immigrants in the country without authorization to come out of the shadows and “to play by the rules.”
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Obama to Undocumented Immigrants: You Can Come Out of the Shadows

Long-awaited executive actions could save up to 5 million from deportation.
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“Who Will Care for Us?” Ask Indian American Seniors in Immigration Limbo

Despite the President's action, older undocumented immigrants, like Indian elders, often in the U.S. for their children, are denied most health coverage.
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Chicana Artist Shares A New Type of Children’s Book

For her first entry into Spanish language children’s literature, Gonzalez, a Chicana activist and founding member of the Grammy award-winning band Quetzal, has adapted “A is for Activist,” written and illustrated by Innosanto Nagara.
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Obama Unveils Long-awaited Immigration Plan

Up to 5 million undocumented immigrants could be saved from deportation.
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