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Ferguson Through the Eyes of a Reporter Who Covered the L.A. Riots

Ferguson was all too similar to what I experienced in 1992, when I covered the Los Angeles Riots as a newspaper reporter, writes one commentator.
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Echoes of Ferguson for Latino Communities In California

Civil rights groups say cases of police abuse against Latinos in California are on the rise.
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African American Media on the Death of Michael Brown in Ferguson

The political negligence of black leadership over the last 30 years has produced an existential threat to the black community.
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Stay Alive, Black Men, Stay Alive

Abandon the idea of winning, fairness, vindication or satisfaction. The No. 1 goal has to be survival.
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County Calls on Governor to Force Lead Cleanup

Soil being removed at two homes; no more scheduled.
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National Night Out Brings Residents and the Police Department Together

The annual event is a showcase of the resources the department utilizes and an opportunity for officers and residents to meet each other in an educational and casual setting.
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Communities Stand Against Crime

Thousands of southland residents took a stand against crime Tuesday night, joining neighbors and law enforcement at events making the 31st Annual National Night Out.
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Murder of USC Student Xinran Ji Outrages Chinese Community

The killing has incited conversation among USC's Chinese population — roughly 40 percent of the student body — about the safety of their community near campus, the World Journal reports.
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A More Personal National Night Out

Bell Gardens neighborhood watch tailors to its Spanish-speaking members.
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Bell Gardens Repeals Section of Sex Offender Law

Faced with the threat of lawsuits, the Bell Gardens City Council Monday voted to repeal an ordinance restricting the movement of registered sex offenders in the southeast city.
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