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Ferguson Opened the Door to a Discussion of Black Equality

Notions of black equality travel through both historical and contemporary terrain that Americans are loath to discuss. Until now.
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Ferguson Through the Eyes of a Reporter Who Covered the L.A. Riots

Ferguson was all too similar to what I experienced in 1992, when I covered the Los Angeles Riots as a newspaper reporter, writes one commentator.
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Language Barrier Could Cost Asians Health Insurance

Notices from the CMS informing people they could lose their insurance if they don't provide proof of legal residence are in English and Spanish only.
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African American Media on the Death of Michael Brown in Ferguson

The political negligence of black leadership over the last 30 years has produced an existential threat to the black community.
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Stay Alive, Black Men, Stay Alive

Abandon the idea of winning, fairness, vindication or satisfaction. The No. 1 goal has to be survival.
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Hollywood to Latinas: Shut Up and Get Naked

A USC Annenberg study finds that while Latinas are more more likely to be featured in popular films, no other ethnicity is more sexualized.
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‘Comfort Women’ Statue Stands Its Ground in Court Ruling

After more than a year of controversy, the “comfort women” statue in the city of Glendale, Calif., that sparked a lawsuit calling for its removal is staying put.
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Latino Voices Will be Heard in 2014 Elections But Not Enough — Why Not Shout Louder?

The Republican Party’s anti-immigrant stance will hurt its candidates in each of the competitive House races in California in 2014.
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Being Close to Power Inspires Latino Interns to Do More

Congressional internship experience has proved to be an empowering experience for Latino students, who a new sense of commitment to be informed about issues facing their communities and the country, and to do more than just stand on the sidelines.
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Youth Theater Workshop Features Stories About Growing Up Asian American

Chinatown Story Slam, a summer theater workshop, will conclude Saturday with performances by teenagers expressing what it is like to grow up as a child of immigrants.
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