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American Samoans Demand Right to Vote

A case now before the US Court of Appeals could determine whether American Samoans are granted the right to vote.
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Positive Stats: Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA)

Survey finds majority of immigration relief applicants contribute to economy by working and paying taxes.
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Latino Public Broadcasting's Season Four of VOCES

Four original documentaries shine a light on some of the most unique and untold aspects of Latino culture and history, April 17.
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How Do We Talk About Race in Alhambra?

Racial tensions flared after the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. In Alhambra, whites and blacks are in the minority, which may explain why it felt like the debate had passed us by.
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Jessika Van Talks Madonna, Playing a Pastor’s Daughter in ‘Seoul Searching’

Van discusses her experience in South Korea filming with the cast and working with Benson Lee, as well as the universal themes in the film that connected with her personally.
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Documentary ‘Underwater Dreams’ to Be Shown at CSUSB

How an underwater robot, built by a team of undocumented Mexican high school students for a competition against the likes of MIT, inspired a legacy of hope, leadership and dreams.
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Justin Chon Does His Own ‘Seoul Searching’

Chon speaks about how the film connected with him on so many levels, from working with the other cast members, including veteran South Korean actor Cha In-Pyo, as well as the themes that allowed him to reflect on his own identity as a Korean American.
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Los Angeles County Declares ‘Susan Ahn Cuddy Day’

On Jan. 16, Susan Ahn Cuddy, a Korean American living legend who was the first Asian American woman to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, turned 100. On Tuesday, Los Angeles County honored the Los Angeles-born trailblazer and patriot by declaring March 10, 2015 “Susan Ahn Cuddy Day.”
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Benson Lee Goes ‘Seoul Searching’ With Latest Indie Feature

“Seoul Searching,” a coming-of-age film that pays homage to the ‘80s teen flicks of John Hughes, is set to open the CAAMFest in San Francisco on March 12.
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The Hollywood Mamalogues: How Mama Got Her Voice Back

“The reality of musical theater is that there just aren’t many roles for Asian Americans or roles that are open for all ethnicities.”
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