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Asian Americans React After Garner Decision

Concerned cries for justice have echoed throughout the Asian American community.
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Impact of Obama’s Executive Actions on AAPI Community

On Tuesday, Dec. 16, the White House hosted a press conference call explaining the details of Obama’s immigration accountability executive action, and the widespread impact it has on the AAPI community.
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Guilty of Attending the Golden Globes While Brown

Actor/Comedienne Dyana Ortelli speaks out about the egregious and nightmarish experience of discrimination and racial profiling.
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Korean American Artists Explore Their Native Culture in ‘Interlaced’

They take pride in their culture, but will their culture take pride in them?
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Black Lives Matter — It’s More than Police Killings

Gross racial disparities in arrests, prosecutions, and incarceration do not inspire the level of anger that a video of a White officer murdering a Black man does.
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Hearts, Minds, Sugar and Sleep: Health/Mental Health in Black Elders

New research on black elders reveals crucial links between health and such unexpected factors as poor sleep, obesity and stress.
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CA Advocates Hope Low-Income Black Elders Ready for New Health Program

Low-income black elders and those with disabilities and their advocates say new California health program is confusing, but holds promise for better care.
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Dr. Esther Oh on Partnering with Pastors

Many in the Korean American community turn to resources other than medical health services to address issues such as stress, depression, anxiety and family-related conflicts. One of those resources is their faith-based support network.
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EPA Administrator: Enviro Groups Must ‘Reflect Communities They Serve’

Operating without a diverse workplace, said the EPA administrator, is like 'having our arms tied behind our backs.'
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What is Chicano Poetry?

Chicano poetry is the spirit of Chicanos.
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