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Long Beach Native Americans Enraged by Juniperro Serra Sainthood

After Pope Francis announced his plan to canonize Serra in mid-January, many local Native Americans have voiced opposition to naming the Spanish Franciscan as a saint.
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WE Tv’s ‘Match Made in Heaven’ Hopes to Snare Christian Viewers

“My role is from a biblical perspective,” says Pastor Ken Johnson, a minister, motivational speaker and spiritual advisor to the Indianapolis Colts.
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Former US Sailor Rocks Boat with Federal Lawsuit

Being a US sailor allowed Jonathan Berts a chance to travel around the world and study Arabic and Islam, but his commitment to faith resulted in an unfair dismissal.
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OneLife LA Celebrates All Human Life in Southern California

OneLife LA held a life affirming family-friendly celebration in Grand Park, Saturday, January 17th.
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‘Kill the Pain, Not the Patient’ — Catholicism's Message on Palliative Care

Despite misunderstandings about Catholic teachings, Filipino elders are learning that it‘s okay to allow palliative or hospice care “kill the pain, not the patient.”
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Dr. Esther Oh on Partnering with Pastors

Many in the Korean American community turn to resources other than medical health services to address issues such as stress, depression, anxiety and family-related conflicts. One of those resources is their faith-based support network.
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Can Spirituality Help You Age More Gracefully?

As people age and come to terms with their lives. They may ask themselves, “What happened along the way and why?” Research suggests that spirituality can help.
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Healing Through Music: Kadesh Desiree Jackson

Now a co-pastor at the True Love Worship Center, she is returning to her roots with a gospel infused album.
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In Search of a Sanctuary for Migrant Children

A growing number of religious congregations are offering their churches as a sanctuary for unaccompanied children from Central America.
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Faith Leaders Unite to Support Prop. 47

A California proposition that would reclassify certain felonies as misdemeanors is drawing support from a diverse array of faith leaders.
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