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Election 2012: City Council Candidates Placido and Salinas face-off on YouTube

The Alhambra Preservation Group sat down with candidates Dr. Steven Placido and Elizabeth Salinas and asked them about development, city pride, and their plans for the future.
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Urban Market Report: Crenshaw Farmers Market Near Leimert and Baldwin Hills

Leimert Park local reporter Walter Melton interviews Crenshaw Farmers Market visitors about their favorite shops and products.
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Community Spirit Gets a Trim in South L.A.

Barbershop in Leimert Park goes quiet and "empathy from others no longer helps" those feeling extreme stains of the economic downturn.
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Getting Started in South Los Angeles

A couple of grass-roots journalistic efforts combine forces to open the debate on Marlton Plaza, a shopping center that's been ravaged by time and a developer's bankruptcy.
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Collaborators in South Los Angeles

Working journalists are teaming up with community members in a bid to take "citizen journalism" to a new level. They want to know why the long-talked-about Marlton Square development sits empty after all these years.
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Where Skid Row Meets Arizona

Some see the controversial immigration-enforcement law passed in the Grand Canyon State as a reminder of civil rights abuses they allege to be commonplace in the hard-pressed district of Downtown.
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Social Security Cops a Plea in Snafu on Warrants

Now comes the challenge of locating individuals who are due back-payments on benefits. Experts say 7,000 live in Los Angeles area, with senior citizens and members of ethnic communities making up a significant portion of the total.
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Time for Alternative Programs for Drug Dealers

They are viewed by many as piranhas or parasites. Most of them will remain so — whether in prison or on the streets — because they're as addicted to the game as most of their customers are to the product they peddle.
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Getting Past the Past

A lot of convictions can be expunged, clearing an obstacle on the path to landing the sort of job that might help a lot of folks get in on this healthcare reform that everyone's talking about.
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Black Baby Boomers Drop the Ball

It's easy to knock right-wing Republicans, but go below the surface and you'll start hearing this question: Have members of the generation who reaped the first harvest of the Civil Rights movement grown too reluctant to question African-American politicians?
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