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Good Schools Equal Better Health for Low-income Teens

For disadvantaged teens getting into good schools could mean more than a leg-up in academics: it could open the door to better health.
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What Does the Affordable Care Act Mean for Back-to-School?

All insurance plans are required to cover recommended vaccinations at no additional cost.
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Clear Skies and Lemonade Stands: Summer in Alhambra

Alhambra Source readers sent us fun and artsy photos of summertime in Alhambra. Send photos of your favorite summer moments to editor@alhambrasource.org!
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Online Program Widens Access to UC for High School Students

The UC Scout online learning program is designed to open college-prep courses to high school students who otherwise lack access through their individual schools.
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What Do Alhambrans Eat on the Fourth of July?

Young people from Alhambra share family recipes and traditions, such as a golden-brown fried tilapia, a freshly cut cactus paddle salad, and a sushi-flavored homemade chunky salsa!
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Flagging Kids In Early Grades as "At Risk" — Does It Help or Harm?

Long before students have even entered ninth grade, teachers are looking at data to determine which kids are most likely to drop out.
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Nonprofit Geared Toward Empowering Asian Americans Kicks Off Leadership Academy

Participants in the Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment's 2014 Leadership Academy will intern for a politician and learn civic engagement practices.
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New Grads Step Into a World of Debt

Outstanding student debt across the United States has reached $1.2 trillion, increasing at a faster rate than mortgages and auto loans.
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DACA Students' Right to Medi-Cal Routinely Rejected

A slew of challenges — including onerous paperwork and ignorance among healthcare workers — has kept numerous DACA students from getting a Medi-Cal card.
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When Mom Wants You to Go to College But Can’t Help You Get There

The financial aid process is hard to navigate, but for low-income and immigrant parents and their children, it can feel impossible.
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