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20 Years Later, Margaret Cho Looks Back on ‘All-American Girl’

Margaret Cho reflects on "All-American Girl," 20 years after its primetime debut on ABC.
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Latino Workers Dying at Higher Rates in Job Accidents, Report Shows

Worker advocates blame weak federal and state regulation and a trend of employers increasingly giving dangerous jobs to temporary workers.
categories BusinessHealthPublic SafetyRace/Ethnic Relations

Citizenship Day: Celebrating the Changing Face of American Citizenship

Naturalized US citizens – who must be legal permanent residents (LPRs) or “green card” holders – are incredibly diverse but over the past 10 years, immigrants from Asia have been the largest and fastest-growing LPR population.
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Cemetery Honors Vietnamese Who Fought Alongside U.S. Troops

Barred from national V.A. cemeteries, South Vietnamese veterans are establishing a resting place to honor their own.
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Calif. Filipinos Struggling With Promising New Low-Income Care Program

Low-income California Filipinos and advocates say new state health program is confusing, but holds promise for better care.
categories HealthRace/Ethnic Relations

How Citizenship Changed My Life — From College to the Ballot Box

In celebration of Citizenship Day on Sept. 17, new Americans describe how their lives changed after they became U.S. citizens.
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Q&A: What is the American Dream?

In an interview with NAM Executive Director Sandy Close, noted author and essayist Richard Rodriguez says there now exist two American Dreams.
categories Arts & CultureFamily/Inter-generational NewsImmigrationPolitics

Obama’s Delay on Immigration Angers Activists

President Obama’s decision Saturday to delay a promised executive order on immigration reform until after the November election is being met with “deep disappointment” and anger by immigrant rights activists.
categories ImmigrationPolitics

The Deportation Strategy

Editors of La Opinión blast President Obama and the Democratic Party for putting politics before doing what is right.
categories ImmigrationPolitics

Court School to the Classroom — Bill Would Help Incarcerated Kids Stay Enrolled

Only 1 in 5 students exiting juvenile detention in California enroll in school within 30 days. A proposed bill, AB 2276, seeks to improve that statistic.
categories EducationJusticePoliticsYouth
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