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Q&A: Understanding Ebola

UCSF infectious disease physician Charles Chiu discusses the reasons for why this latest Ebola outbreak has spread so far and how it might be contained.
categories HealthPublic Safety

In Search of a Sanctuary for Migrant Children

A growing number of religious congregations are offering their churches as a sanctuary for unaccompanied children from Central America.
categories Family/Inter-generational NewsImmigrationReligion/SpiritualityYouth

Q&A: Will Congress Save Health Insurance Program for Low-Income Kids?

Unless Congress acts, federal funding for a program that provides health coverage for children in low-income families will end next year.
categories EconomyFamily/Inter-generational NewsHealthYouth

Costumes Perpetuate Stereotypes and Mask Realities

Contemporary use of degrading costumes, symbols, and parties is fueled in part by a lack of education about the roots of racism.
categories Arts & CultureRace/Ethnic Relations

The Death of “Baby Doc"; A Soliloquy Of Haiti

For more than two centuries, the human tragedy in Haiti has been unfolding many times over right on front of everyone's eyes. As such, Haiti has become a metaphor: when you have nothing to offer, the world, despite seeing you, may never know you.
category International Affairs

Youth Depression a ‘Tough Pill’ for Indian American Parents to Swallow

For one young Indian American, taboos around depression led to years of suffering in silence.
category Family/Inter-generational News

One Topic, Twenty Directors

“We the Economy: 20 Short Films You Can’t Afford to Miss” is a series of short films that aim to help everyday viewers better understand economic issues.
categories Arts & CultureBusinessEconomyEducation

Palliative Care Provides Dignity to Ethiopian American Elders

Caring for the elders is one of the most venerated duties in the Ethiopian culture. And palliative care helps Ethiopian American families provide appropriate treatments and dignity to their ill loved ones.
category Health

For Novelist and TV Writer Leonard Chang, It’s All About Connecting

Chang’s back with an autobiographical novel titled "Triplines," a coming-of-age story centered on 11-year-old Lenny who has to deal with with a dysfunctional Korean immigrant family, an abusive, alcoholic father at home and racist bullying at school.
categories Arts & CultureFamily/Inter-generational NewsRace/Ethnic Relations

Faith Leaders Unite to Support Prop. 47

A California proposition that would reclassify certain felonies as misdemeanors is drawing support from a diverse array of faith leaders.
categories PoliticsReligion/Spirituality
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