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Roy Choi to Launch Healthy, Affordable Fast Food Chain

In his latest culinary venture, chef Roy Choi is partnering up with San Francisco chef Daniel Patterson to launch a new chain of fast food restaurants called Loco’l.
categories BusinessFood

Ferguson Opened the Door to a Discussion of Black Equality

Notions of black equality travel through both historical and contemporary terrain that Americans are loath to discuss. Until now.
categories JusticeRace/Ethnic Relations

Are Young People Losing the Ability to Read Emotions?

Children's social skills may be declining as they have less time for face-to-face interaction due to their increased use of digital media, according to a UCLA psychology study.
categories Science & TechnologyYouth

Echoes of Ferguson for Latino Communities In California

Civil rights groups say cases of police abuse against Latinos in California are on the rise.
categories JusticePublic Safety

African American Media on the Death of Michael Brown in Ferguson

The political negligence of black leadership over the last 30 years has produced an existential threat to the black community.
categories JusticePublic SafetyRace/Ethnic Relations

Stay Alive, Black Men, Stay Alive

Abandon the idea of winning, fairness, vindication or satisfaction. The No. 1 goal has to be survival.
categories Public SafetyRace/Ethnic Relations

From Seed to Sauce: David Tran Shares His Recipe for Success

Behind the ubiquitous red chili sauce is Mr. Tran, an energetic young mind in an older man’s body, who seems to be aging in reverse.
categories BusinessFood

Hollywood to Latinas: Shut Up and Get Naked

A USC Annenberg study finds that while Latinas are more more likely to be featured in popular films, no other ethnicity is more sexualized.
categories Arts & CultureMediaRace/Ethnic Relations

From the SGV to International TV: A Conversation with YouTube Star Olivia Thai

The YouTube star tells us how she turned a love of music into her career, her experiences performing on national and Chinese-language TV, and why she still considers the SGV her home.
categories Arts & CultureNeighborhoodsProfiles

Q&A: Richard Rodriguez on the Decline of ‘News Literacy’

The greatest catastrophe of the news right now, says author Richard Rodriguez, is that we've given up the notion of news related to place.
categories Arts & CultureMediaNeighborhoods
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