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California Agriculture Faces Greatest Water Loss Ever Seen

A new report from UC Davis shows California agriculture may come up dry in the future if it continues to treat groundwater reserves like an unlimited savings account.
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Asian Americans: The New White?

Asian Americans are held up as the great success story, on the fast track to assimilation. But this has put us at the center of the debate about fairness in this country, raising the question: Are we becoming white?
categories Arts & CultureRace/Ethnic Relations

Underground Networks Spring Up to Help Migrant Kids in U.S.

Mexico's El Universal newspaper reports that an underground network is emerging to help migrant kids in the United States.
categories Family/Inter-generational NewsImmigration

Asia’s Buddhism-Islam Conflict Spreads to LA Sri Lankan Community

Waving Sri Lankan and American flags, Muslims in Los Angeles rallied outside the Consulate General’s office on Wilshire Boulevard calling on the Sri Lankan government to step up efforts to protect religious minorities and bring to justice leaders of the recent clashes in the southern town of Aluthgama.
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A Film For The Other Black Kids, "Dear White People"

“Dear White People” is a ground-breaking work in the genre of African-American film-making.
categories Arts & CultureMediaRace/Ethnic Relations

Los Angeles Youths Got World Cup Fever

The 2014 World Cup is encouraging youths from different cultural backgrounds not only to enjoy a universal game but also feel a sense of connection to their family heritage.
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Indian American Farmers Weathering Record Drought in California

Indian-Americans own an estimated 50,000 acres of farmland across California, where severe drought is taking its toll on the agriculture industry.
categories BusinessRace/Ethnic RelationsWeathering the Storm

Returning Taken Cultures

On the morning of January 24, 2008, dozens of US federal agents raided four major museums across Southern California to recover looted Asian artifacts. The operation, a culmination of nearly 5 years of undercover work, jolted the world of antiquities.
categories Arts & CultureJustice

JTA President in Los Angeles Reaching Out to West Coast Tertiary Institutions

We have a deficit in science education in Jamaica, and so it was a perfect match. And so, via continuous dialogue, we would take four or five [Jamaican] practitioners to LA, to Loma Linda, so they could engage in that program. They are engaging in that program with several people in the US and the Caribbean territories, and it’s going really well.
categories EducationRace/Ethnic Relations

In California, Health Care is Often Lost for Lack of Translation

With health care coverage expanded to an additional 2 million Californians through the Affordable Care Act, community clinics are seeing a need for interpreters like never before.
categories HealthRace/Ethnic Relations
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