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Ferguson Case Highlights Need for National Data on Police Shootings

Despite mounting calls for police accountability in Black and Latino communities, there are no reliable statistics that show how often police kill civilians.
categories JusticePublic SafetyRace/Ethnic Relations

Obama Should Follow Bush Sr.'s Example, Support Federal Prosecution of Ferguson Cop

Twenty-two years ago, President Bush allowed federal charges to be brought against the cops who beat Rodney King. Now, Obama could do the same in Ferguson.
categories JusticePoliticsPublic SafetyRace/Ethnic RelationsWeathering the Storm

Obama Lays Out ‘Family-Focused’ Immigration Plan

President Obama, addressed the nation from the White House Thursday, unveiling executive action he is taking that would allow as many as 5 million immigrants in the country without authorization to come out of the shadows and “to play by the rules.”
categories ImmigrationPoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations

Obama to Undocumented Immigrants: You Can Come Out of the Shadows

Long-awaited executive actions could save up to 5 million from deportation.
categories ImmigrationPolitics

Q&A: Closing the Health Coverage Gap for Hispanic Children

A new study out this week finds that over 11 percent of Hispanic children are uninsured, compared to 7.1 percent of all kids nationwide.
categories Family/Inter-generational NewsHealthRace/Ethnic RelationsYouth

Techno Health: “Swallow a Mini-Robot and Call Me in the Morning”

Mini-Robot pills will tell elders’ smart phones to give doctors they’re vital signs keeping them healthy and independent. But privacy advocates say they’re alarmed.
categories HealthScience & Technology

Poll Finds Optimism, Economic Gender Gap in Latino Families

A new poll on the state of Latino families finds that when faced with tough economic times, Latina women are more economically vulnerable than Latino men.
categories EconomyFamily/Inter-generational NewsMediaRace/Ethnic Relations

Keeping the Filipino Folk Dance Alive in Stockton

Brian Batugo’s CrowdRise campaign aims to sustain The Little Manila Dance Collective.
categories Arts & CultureNeighborhoods

Riverside County Superior Court Appoints Its First Female Korean American Judge

Susanne Cho, 48, became Riverside County Superior Court’s first female Korean American judge after her appointment was announced Wednesday by Gov. Jerry Brown.
categories JusticePoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations

The Making of Peter Rhee, World-Renowned Trauma Surgeon

In a new memoir, the world-renowned trauma surgeon shares his incredible stories working on the front lines in American cities and war zones.
categories HealthProfiles
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