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Korean American Poet Wins Walt Whitman Award

A Korean American poet has won the Walt Whitman Award, the prestigious prize awarded by the Academy of American Poets to debut writers, the academy announced last Wednesday.
category Arts & Culture

LA's Latino Parents 'In the Dark' About Common Core

Latino parents in Los Angeles say the state's largest school district hasn't done enough to explain Common Core to the community.
categories EducationFamily/Inter-generational NewsRace/Ethnic RelationsYouth

Lack of Information and Funds Keeps DACA Applications Low

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) data, fewer than half of the approximately 1.6 million undocumented individuals immigration officials believe are eligible to receive deferred action status have applied.
categories EducationImmigrationPolitics

Vietnamese Parents Face Culture Shift With Common Core

The Common Core marks a major shift for Vietnamese parents accustomed to the traditional test-based approach to education.
categories EducationFamily/Inter-generational NewsRace/Ethnic Relations

Fil-Ams Cry Foul Over Lack of Pinoy Labor Leaders in Cesar Chavez Film

Filipino activists have been critical of the new Cesar Chavez biopic for ignoring the historical role of Filipino Americans in the farmworker movement.
categories Arts & CulturePoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations

First Generation "Go College" Initiative Aims to Bring Change to Communities

Ground-breaking campaign aims to shrink the higher education gap for first generation students, minorities, underserved youth.
categories EducationFamily/Inter-generational NewsYouth

A Tale of Two Districts — Common Core Implementation Addresses School Inequities

Common Core supporters say it will help narrow the gap between wealthier districts like San Marino and its less affluent neighbor Garvey School District.
categories EducationNeighborhoods

Diego Luna Delivers More Than Expected in Cesar Chavez Movie

A movie about the great grape boycott in 1965 can't help but put its key figure in the middle of it.
categories Arts & CultureImmigrationJusticePoliticsRace/Ethnic Relations

Campaign Urges Permanent Residents to Pursue Citizenship

There is no reason to fear naturalization process.
category Immigration

New Play Looks at How Bruce Lee Changed Hollywood

Bruce Lee had a tough road to Hollywood stardom. And while those difficulties aren't unique, they are now the subject of a Broadway play.
categories Arts & CultureRace/Ethnic Relations
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